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Director/Licencee/Sales Agent/Auctioneer

Marcus Blake

Marcus Blake of The RealEstate Co.
Director - Property Management

Kylie Caruso

Kylie Caruso Director of property management at The RealEstate Co.
PA To Marcus Blake - Sales Admin

Zoe Meadows

Zoe Meadows Sales administration at The RealEstate Co.
Selling Executive

Cath Webb

Cath Webb selling executive at The RealEstate Co.
Sales Executive

Craig Jackson

Craig Jackson sales executive at The RealEstate Co.
Property Consultant/PA to Kylie

Kim Lindsay

Kim Lindsay
Inspection Manager

Lisa Harman

Lisa Harman
Director/Licencee/Accounts Manager

Augustine Chin

Licensed Settlement Agent

Courtenay Burn

Courtenay Burn
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